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Useful Information

Time Zone

During the period of the conference, Lisbon's time zone is the GMT - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC). 

Austrália, Camberra -11h
Brazil, Brasília +3h
France, Paris -1h
Germany, Berlin -1h
Holland, Amsterdam -1h
Italy, Rome -1h
Japan, Tokyo -9h
Norway, Oslo -1h
South Africa, Cape Town -2h
Spain, Madrid -1h
Sweden, Stockholm -1h
UK, London =
USA, Chicago +5h
USA, Los Angeles +7h
USA, New York +4h
USA, Washington +4h


Due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Although the temperatures may fall somewhat in the autumn and winter months, sunshine is almost always a constant feature.



Since 2002 the sole currency of Portugal has been the Euro.

Coins:  1cent, 2cent, 5cent, 10cent, 20cent, 50cent, €1, €2.
Banknotes:  €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500.

More information about the updated exchange rates can be found at the XE Website.



European type 2 pin sockets with 230 volts AC with 50 Hz frequency are used. The phase 380-volt current is normally available in meeting and exhibition rooms.

You can use all your equipment in Portugal if the outlet voltage in your own country is between 220V-240V. Nonetheless, to use American-type plugs, a 230-volt transformer should be used together with an adapter plug.


Useful Phone Numbers

Country Code: +351
International Call Prefix: 00
Lisbon area prefix:  21
National Emergency Number: 112
Forestry Protection National Number/ Fire Department: 117

Taxis in Lisbon:

21 793 27 56 (Cooptáxis)
21 811 90 00 (RádioTáxis)
21 811 11 00 (Teletáxis)

Police in Lisbon:

PSP/ Lisbon Metropolitan Police Command: 21 765 42 42
Lisbon Tourism Police Station: 21 342 16 23
GNR - General Command: 21 321 70 00
PSP Traffic: 21 750 12 00

Hospitals in Lisbon:

Santa Maria Hospital: 21 780 50 00/  21 780 51 11 /  21 780 52 22
CUF Hospital: 21 392 61 00 /  21 002 52 00
British Hospital Lisbon XXI: 21 721 34 00
Cuf Descobertas Hospital: 21 002 52 00
Luz Hospital:  21 710 44 00
Lusíadas Hospital: 21 770 40 40

CTT- Post Office: 707 26 26 26

Credit Card Offices:

American Express: 707 50 40 50 /  21 427 82 05
Mastercard: 800 811 272
Visa: 800 811 107


Health Requirements

As of 1st July 2022, it is no longer mandatory to present a negative test or a COVID-EU digital certificate or vaccination or recovery certificate on the entry into Portuguese territory.
The use of a mask remains only mandatory on nursing homes, health facilities and hospitals.

If you have symptoms and believe you need to be evaluated for COVID-19 please call or email to COVID-19 - National Health Number:
(00351) 808 24 24 24 (option 9 for English)

Kindly note that these rules can change quickly, so please get informed before travelling.

Information taken from:



Portuguese is a Romanic Language with 2010 to 2015 million native speakers, usually listed as the sixth or seventh most spoken language in the world.

Some useful expressions in Portuguese:

Hello: Olá
Nice to meet you!:  Prazer em conhecer-te! (often shortened to 'Prazer')
Good Morning:  Bom dia
Good evening:  Boa tarde (in the afternoon)/Boa noite (in the evening and at night)
Good night:  Boa noite
Goodbye:  Adeus
See you soon:  Até logo/ Até à vista
Yes:  Sim
No:  Não
That depends:  Isso depende
I don't know:  Eu não sei
I think so:  Creio que sim
Where?:  Onde?
When?:  Quando?
Why?:  Porquê?
Who?:  Quem?
How much/ How many?: Quanto/ Quantos?
Please: Por favor
Thank you: Obrigado (for men)/  Obrigada (for women)
Excuse me: Com licença
I'm sorry: Peço desculpa
May I?:  Posso?
Good Luck!:  Boa sorte!
Enjoy your meal!: Bom apetite!
Train station: Estação dos comboios
Bus station: Central rodoviária/paragem de autocarro
Taxi central: Praça de táxis